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It has been a source of debate at Clubhouse HQ, that recently some clubs seemed to end up with a few invites which took longer than you would reasonably expect to get a response. We were almost certain this couldn’t be a technical problem as clubs had been using the invite system, to get their members on board, for a year or more and reported no issues. For the majority of clubs invites were taken up pretty quickly and without trouble, we therefore put it down to peoples hectic schedules and a few simply taking their time. Suspicion still abounded the office though, we couldn’t believe such highly organised, successful clubs could have members who would take so long to respond…

Thanks to some recent feedback we have been able to track down the problem. It turned out that a small minority of mail clients we’re breaking the invitation link because of it’s length. So a link in the email to activate the users account would have some of its information trimmed when the mail client wrapped the text onto the next line, like this


which when clicked, obviously wouldn’t work. To an unsuspecting user this would simply redirect them to the login page which could appear confusing. To avoid the possibility of this happening we have introduced a Url shortening service, so the link will now look something like


Ironically, it appears we hadn’t heard of this before as those people who has encountered this in the past had simply requested to join their club thereby bypassing the link in the invite. Thankfully we now have which should smooth the journey for any new club.

If you have any members who we’re struggling with their invite perhaps its worth nudging them to take another look, all outstanding invites have been resent with the new Urls so they should be fine now.

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